EICM plans to be operating on the ground in Malawi at the end of 2016. Our plan is to begin with the first two projects below, and eventually grow to implement the others.

Empowerment Children Village (Orphanage)

Empowerment Children's village will be a place where children in desperate need especially orphaned children lives and be cared for. The Village will be made up of houses and homes, at least four children, house parents and volunteers helping in these homes. Empowerment children Village provides these children with suitable environment to grow spiritually, physically, socially and psychologically.

At Empowerment Children Village, kids receive love and learn to love, they are cared for and learn to care for others, and they receive better medical care and quality education.  Empowerment village inspires a great environment for children to discover who they really are in God, develop their God given potentials and deepen their love for God and one another. Empowerment Village equips, empowers and inspires the children to pursue and achieve their God given dreams. 

  • Provide safe homes for orphaned and vulnerable children in Malawi
  • Provide a loving environment for spiritual, social, emotional and psychological growth and development
  • Provide the orphaned children with quality education and medical care  that they can become productive members of society
  • A place where a great generation of godly leaders will be raised, shaped and developed

Pastoral and Leadership Training and Development

This pastoral and leadership training will eventually grow to a centralized training institution. This is a place where pastors, church leaders and community leaders receive training, tools, resources and support. Malawi, like many other countries in Africa, needs biblically trained pastors and church leader for the Spiritual growth and maturity of the body of Christ and also skilled and empowered to impact their congregations and communities socially and economically.

 Empowerment believes that market place needs Biblical wisdom, Biblical Principles and Biblical stewardship. It is in this conviction that empowerment will conduct leadership seminars and conferences not only to Church leaders but also to business leaders and community leaders. This ministry operates across denominational lines.

  • Facilitates Biblical Leadership seminars and conferences for churches, businesses
  • Facilitates women’s conferences aimed at empowering women and girls Spiritually, socially, politically and socially
  • Facilitates Youth and Young Adults Conferences and Seminars to provide them with tools and opportunity to become productive members of the society

Empowerment International Christian Center

The vision of Empowerment International Christian Worship Center is to create a “Safe Place” for people of diverse background to worship God together and grow together. Empowerment fosters a Safe place where people’s relationship with God and fellow men is discovered, developed and deepened, where broken lives and hopes are restored, human hidden potentials are unearthed and a place where God is glorified.

Empowerment International Christian Schools

Quality education is one of the greatest challenges African Children. The standard of education which the majority of African children are getting is below poor. The conditions under which the majority of African children and their teachers endure are almost unbearable. The educational experiences of African girls on the other hand are much harder comparing to African boys. Lack of bathrooms in most schools and lack of privacy and unsanitary conditions makes it hard for African girls in particular to continue schools after a certain age. Unavailability of learning and teaching materials in the majority of African school largely paralyses the delivery and reception of transforming education.

Education is the key to unlock potential in our children and the next generation. Empowerment International ministries believe that Africa cannot produce capable and competent leaders in the 21st century without godly and quality education. Empowerment International Christian Schools commit and strive to provide educational and leadership excellence to Malawian children and beyond so that they can succeed and compete on today’s technological era.

Empowerment Health and Medical Center

  • Provide the much needed medical care to the orphaned children and the people in the surrounding communities
  • Provide a quality health education and awareness to the orphaned children and the surrounding communities

Empowerment Humanitarian, Relief and Development

  • Promote human development by responding and providing tools and resources for major emergencies, fighting diseases, fighting hunger, fighting poverty, promoting peace and justice
  • Provide micro loans to single mothers in order to start small businesses to support their families hence becoming financially independent and self-reliant

Empowerment Youth and Social Activity Centers

The vision of these Centers is developing young leaders in their own communities by cultivating and supporting their talents and gifts. Empowerment social activity centers provide atmosphere where youth and young adults spend time together discovering, developing and deepening their talents and gifts. These centers promote positive social interactions, sports, academic competitions and community development programs. These programs will also help youth and young adult to refrain from other unhealthy behaviors by keeping them busy and involved in their communities. 


Please watch this space to read about our exciting projects as they unfold!