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Empowerment International Christian Ministries is a faith-based, not-for-profit organization that is organized in accordance with the values and principles of the Holy Scriptures - the Bible. With a primary focus in Malawi, its overall focus is to train, raise, and develop the next wave of godly leaders in Africa.

In 2015 the World Bank ranked Malawi as the poorest country in the world. One half of the population earns less than $1 per day! Poverty of this magnitude affects development, including health, education, and agriculture. The majority of African people, especially those living in rural areas, have very limited or no access to basic human needs like food, clean water, housing, and health and medical care.

High levels of illiteracy and the spread of HIV/AIDS have complicated life even more. Statistics indicate that 11.9% of Malawi’s population is HIV/AIDS infected; over a million of those infected are children. This pandemic has led to growing numbers of orphaned children without a guardian or anyone with an ability to care for them.

Given opportunities, resources, and support, Empowerment International Christian Ministries believes that individuals, families, and communities can be spiritually, economically, and socially transformed. Although present life realities for the majority of African people contradict hope and the possibility of positive economical transformation,  Empowerment International believes that love, not pity, is the necessary ingredient for impact and transformation. 

Empowerment International, therefore, strives and determines to respond to these challenges by providing individuals, families, and communities with the leadership, tools, and resources necessary to impact their own lives. In so doing, people can discover their identity in God and attain to the fullest their God-ordained purpose and destiny.



It is amazing how two people born in different continents, different cultures and different social-economic backgrounds can have such a similar call on their lives. I was born and raised in a remote village in southern Malawi in southeastern Africa. My wife Mary was born in San Antonio, Texas and moved to Northern Maine when she was three years old.  Growing up in remote areas of Malawi, God used my life experiences to shape and prepare me for ministry. In Northern Maine, God was doing similar work in the heart and life of Mary, prepare and develop her passion for African children. God clearly put global missions on both of our hearts and brought us together in His time to work in ministry together for Him.


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