We have a big vision! Our projects are a mix of leadership "from above" and "from below." From above, EICM strives to train, develop and equip pastors, church leaders and community leaders by providingtraining, tools, resources, and support to impact their families and communities, and to raise the next generation of godly and principled leaders.

From below, EICM strives to get involved in the lives of orphaned and other vulnerable children in the areas of education, housing, food, medical care, and other human needs. We believe that ‘M’mera m’poyamba’, translates ‘charity begins at home’. We are convinced that early and sacrificial investment in the lives of African children, biblical and principled leadership, and Christ-like love will result in brighter and better Africa that will fully participate in the global market and actively contribute to the global economy.

Our Mission

Empowerment International Christian Ministries exists to empower individuals and communities in Africa into discovering their identity in God, developing and deepening their God-given potential to attain to the fullest their God-ordained purpose and destiny by proving them with training, tools, resources and support.